A few months ago, when finnish lakes were still frozen and the snow covered scandinavian’s forests, I drove up to Jumesniemi, near Tampere, where Hannu Saari makes his incredible Saari-rummut.

When I came back to Berlin I got two drum-kits, a few snares and an endorsement deal!

The story goes back to a facebook post from Stephen Hodges I read last year. Hodges is a great drummer I admire since many years for his work with Mike Watt and Tom Waits among others, where he said he got a Saari drum-kit and that it was “the most beautiful drums I have ever owned and played…..!!!!! “.

Saari drums have a unique warm sound, giving the fact that shells, lugs and rims are all made out of finnish birch wood, so every drum is extremely light and carry lots of bass frequencies. Every detail is made with love and passion by Hannu himself.
I’ve started exploring their sounds a few of months ago, and they sound incredible.

More pictures and info soon on my facebook page and website.

Here below a few pics from my winter trip to Hannu’s workshop, and the main picture comes from a recording session I did at Saal-3 studio at the Funkhaus Berlin with my 26″ 13″ 16″ 18″ Saari drum-kit  (photo by Davide Luciani @ Mote Studio).

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w/hannu almost in jumesniemi